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Advocacy Services Unlimited American Red Cross trainings are offered throughout the entire state of New Jersey. Our training provides American Red Cross certified training classes in CPR, AED, First Aid, and Basic Life Support (BLS). Our hands-on, in-person CPR training or blended version online and in classroom skills gives the quality of CPR first aid certification card. We also provide on-site training for companies, groups, and individuals. Coming to you is no problem.


Have you ever wondered what you would do in an emergency situation that required CPR First AID, recieving proper training is essential to saving lives. CPR can provide the means to keep a person alive long enough to receive professional medication attention. The longer that a person goes without oxygen, the more likely severe damage - or even death can occur. Being propertly trained in CPR and performing it properly can mean the difference between life or death.

Our classes have a 100% passing rate; we will make sure you leave with no questions unanswered.

American Red Cross certification cards which are good for 2 years are provided at the end of class.


                  Why Choose 
Advocacy Services 




                                                                        Save time and money!                     

                      We offer personalized, interactive learning and flexible training option

                                          We ensure you learn the latest up-to-date lifesaving skills. 

                                                                  Tryde real-time certification.        

You will earn the satisfaction of knowing that in the event of a life-threatening emergency you can save a life.                                                       


Upon successful completion of our courses, you will earn a certification that satisfies OSHA-mandated job requirements,

workplace or other regulatory requirements, and is valid for 2 years. From personalized learning to interactive scenarios

to peer-to-peer learning and hands-on skill practice, our courses are developed and taught by experts, and ensure you can

provide life-saving care when it's needed most. We service all counties across New Jersey and the option to choose from

in-person or blended learning course formats, there's a class for the way you learn best.

Empowering Saving Lives

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